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QUESTION FIFTY-SEVEN: If you were fat? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY-SEVEN: If you were fat? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 3 10 QUESTION FIFTY-SIX: How you feel when slime? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY-SIX: How you feel when slime? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 4 3 QUESTION FIFTY-FIVE: Different world? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY-FIVE: Different world? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 3 3 QUESTION FIFTY-FOUR: Picture and anime? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY-FOUR: Picture and anime? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 4 1 QUESTION FIFTY-THREE: Sword and magic combine? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY-THREE: Sword and magic combine? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 6 13 QUESTION FIFTY-TWO: May I have Beholder offspring? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY-TWO: May I have Beholder offspring? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 5 25 QUESTION FIFTY-ONE: Regain powers? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY-ONE: Regain powers? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 5 2 QUESTION FIFTY: Noelgsperson,favemovie, Matt meet? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FIFTY: Noelgsperson,favemovie, Matt meet? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 6 6
Alright! Ask any new questions here!
1. EBFantasy
2. Yasmyn64
3. Joos103
4. Kaothehedgehog
5. Ask-AnnaEBF
:iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 2 31
QUESTION FORTY-NINE: Not dead from team antics? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FORTY-NINE: Not dead from team antics? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 7 20 QUESTION FORTY-EIGHT: Male personality switch? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FORTY-EIGHT: Male personality switch? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 7 11 QUESTION FORTY-SEVEN: After Matt's date? by Ask-NatalieEBF QUESTION FORTY-SEVEN: After Matt's date? :iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 8 11
QUESTION FORTY-SIX: How long do boys look at boobs
ThedeviantM asked the following question: Natalie question: how often do the boys (Matt and Lance) look at your boobs.
Me: Uhh....I don't know...I don't look at THEM 24/7. But my guess would be both of them stare at them a lot, Lance out of awe and Matt out of awkwardness.
:iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 4 11
QUESTION FORTY-FIVE: If you met a 2-headed chick?
Darkgon01 asked the following question: (Matt suggested I do this) What would you do if you met
I'd be weirded out, first of all. I've never met/seen a two headed chick in my life. Second of all I'd be a little scared. Third, I'd ask where she/they got those boots.
Wait Matt set you up for this?!?!?!?!?!
:iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 4 15
QUESTION FORTY-FOUR: Where's the pokemon from EBF1
BunnyandSlick asked the following question:
What happened to Pichu, Registeel and Canti?(Their invocations were on Epic Battle Fantasy 1)

Me: They.....well.......they....they died after the battle with Goku. D:
We don't like to talk about it a lot.
:iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 4 9
QUESTION FORTY-THREE: Akron-possessed friends?
HayateAyasaki1 asked the following question: Natalie,if your friends turn evil because possessed by Akron(even thought he's gone now...)what will you do?
Lol,I'm asking the same question to Matt  

Me: Well....honestly?
I don't know.
I'd probably freak out, but then I'd do my duty.
Wait......what if the only way them?
My God....I can't do
"cut off by static"
:iconask-natalieebf:Ask-NatalieEBF 5 26

Random Favourites

Nawwww youre so cute~ by Doki-i Nawwww youre so cute~ :icondoki-i:Doki-i 70 34 EBF: player 4, The Ranger [WIP03] by PtolemaiosLS EBF: player 4, The Ranger [WIP03] :iconptolemaiosls:PtolemaiosLS 18 2 Question #4 by Ask-LanceEBF Question #4 :iconask-lanceebf:Ask-LanceEBF 9 22 Question #3 by Ask-LanceEBF Question #3 :iconask-lanceebf:Ask-LanceEBF 6 11
EBF4 progress report.
Game's almost done!
All that's left to do is implement premium content and test the last few features, such as the intro animation, links, API integration and all that.
Speaking of which, I should probably go over the plans for the premium content, so I can get all of the backlash and complaints out of the way.
The premium pack includes 20 equips, 4 skills, and 3 summons. (You'll have seen the equips already if you cheated.)
Originally, I made these a bit overpowered, but I've changed them now, so they're only a tiny bit better than regular stuff.
Kongregate have also recommended that I make the Newgame+ feature part of the premium pack, and I pretty much agree with them on this one.
Anyone who finishes the game has already been playing for around 20 hours, and therefor can't really complain that they haven't had a full experience.
And the long-term players are the guys I should really be targeting with this stuff.
The pack will probably cost $7.50.
This figure is based on sales scienc
:iconkupogames:KupoGames 12 106
EBF4 intro by KupoGames EBF4 intro :iconkupogames:KupoGames 158 202 EBF: player 4, The Ranger [WIP01] by PtolemaiosLS EBF: player 4, The Ranger [WIP01] :iconptolemaiosls:PtolemaiosLS 13 3 Question #2 by Ask-LanceEBF Question #2 :iconask-lanceebf:Ask-LanceEBF 4 9 Matt expressions 01 by PtolemaiosLS Matt expressions 01 :iconptolemaiosls:PtolemaiosLS 27 8 TEBF concept art dump01 by PtolemaiosLS TEBF concept art dump01 :iconptolemaiosls:PtolemaiosLS 15 8 Conceptart Dump02 by PtolemaiosLS Conceptart Dump02 :iconptolemaiosls:PtolemaiosLS 13 8 Question #1 by Ask-LanceEBF Question #1 :iconask-lanceebf:Ask-LanceEBF 5 12 TEBF - Map Protoype01 by PtolemaiosLS TEBF - Map Protoype01 :iconptolemaiosls:PtolemaiosLS 19 15 Fanart: MattxNatalie! by yasmyn64 Fanart: MattxNatalie! :iconyasmyn64:yasmyn64 17 41 coloring - Natalie EBF fanart by PtolemaiosLS coloring - Natalie EBF fanart :iconptolemaiosls:PtolemaiosLS 114 12 P2 - alternate costume by KupoGames P2 - alternate costume :iconkupogames:KupoGames 124 53


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I'm sorry to bother any of you guys, but I really need to warn you all about that guy. 

He tries to "befriend" people and then he goes ahead and steals your art without asking. And when you confront him about it, he hides your comment and deletes the deviation. And then he steals your art again and the cycle keeps going around and around until he blocks you.

Don't let him join any of your groups. He joined DDR-Lovers (I think thats the name of it) and he went ahead and stole most of the gallery works and tried to submit them as his own. And he made a journal saying he was "sorry" and he told the group to adminify him. 

He "aplogizes" a lot. They're all fake. The whole ruddy lot of them. He just wants to play victim and he wants to seem innocent. I've seen comments and notes that expose his true nature. The group that I mentioned up there, he sent notes and comments to the group members saying "Fuck off Im better" even when he's nothing but this pathetic art thief who's so pitiful that he can't pick up a pencil.

Don't let him on your profile NO MATTER WHAT. He says "hi" to you, then he starts watching your watchers and friends. He does this  so you go to his page. It's a popular technique with most art thieves, they watch and fave a lot, you go to their profile to thank them, and there's their huge gallery of stolen art that might appeal the untrained eye, and even if you don't fall for it you're another pageview. 

If he watches/faves something of yours BLOCK HIM. This act is simple, just go here… and fill out the rest. He's dangerous and if he gets to know you to well, or maybe if he just sees that you're a good artist, he'll grab your entire gallery and run off. And he'll delete it later.

He likes to compliment a lot, to build up your trust, then he runs off with the pictures. If he appears at all to you BLOCK HIM OR YELL AT HIM.

Another random side note: He takes your art and mixes it in with other backgrounds, I don't know how to describe it. Just know that he's an art thief, and you should either block him or warn others or yell at him. Maybe if enough people tell him that what he is doing is wrong he'll get a hint. 
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Natalie redmage.
United States
Hi!!! It's me, Natalie, from EBF, aka Epic battle fantasy. Ask me anything and I'll try to answer!!!!

(( This ask account was created by fantasylover103 However, the character was created by KupoGames))

Lance from EBF3 by cav10281 Matt from EBF3 by cav10281 :thumb314595236::iconask-lanceebf: :iconannarapefaceplz: :iconmattughplz: :iconnatzplz: :iconoldlanceplz: :iconkupogames: :iconhalcyonicfalconx: :iconlanceaplz: :iconmattohjeezplz: :iconask-annaebf: :iconasklanceebf: :iconnatzbarfplz: :iconlanceomgplz: :icontebf: :iconebf-fans-4ever::iconebfgroup: :iconmatttrollfaceplz: :iconnolegsstareplz: :iconannablechplz: :iconhalcyonicfalconxplz: :iconlance-sniper: :iconask-mattebf: :iconask-nolegsebf: Nolegs the Cat by DrElephant:iconpervylanceplz::iconhmmmattplz: :iconembarrasedmattplz: :iconangeredmattplz:


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I gotta ask. If in the future (hipotetically) you get married to Matt and you're expecting children from him, how you will name her/him, what kind of magic he/she will like, and how he/she will look like?
I wanna have a pictrure of it. KAWAIII!!:happybounce: 
PrannyPandaBunny Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2016   Traditional Artist
Did anna or lance ever bet who confesses first (between you and matt):smirking: :smirking: Big Fool Emoji-3 (Smirk) [V2] Big Fool Emoji-3 (Smirk) [V2] Fool Emoji-14 (Smirk) [V1] Fool Emoji-14 (Smirk) [V1] 
Mitzori Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
I made a bet with my friend that i couldnt get her picture spread around DA…

every person I pass this link to I'll also be picking one picture of theirs I like and spreading it around to get more art work being shared all around DA so please help me spread this picture and art work of all kinds around deviantart
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I sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back.
I asked "why?"
The angel said "angels don't watch over angels."
Twenty one angels are IN your world. Ten of them are sleeping, Ten are playing, one is reading this message.
Send this to ten friends including me. I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies, someone you love will quietly surprise you.
Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says its over. A blessing is coming your way.
If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP Everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain.
Send to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard
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You have proven your worth, though I still long for cats to rule, no matter, I will instead watch and learn from you humans....
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do you sometimes hate Matt or Lance?
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You have been tagged here.
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The sudden influx of replies in my inbox from you...Startling to say the least.

((I take it you finally decided to come back?))
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Inactivity much?
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